Covid-19: From Response to Resilience - 'Building Community Resilience using Last Mile Connectivity'

 Date: 29 MAY 2020 | 5 PM - 6:30 PM IST




  • Work from home, team building through regular meetings, ongoing townhalls with the CEO, continuous communication on how functions across the company are contributing to mitigating the crisis right from onboarding in this time to ensuring salaries reach people before time and committing to pay labourers despite the lock-down.
  • Leveraging smarter networks through CSR partners and programmes to ensure food and essential supplies.
  • Promoting upskilling during this crisis through online courses.

Building Community Resilience

  • Using virtual and digital platforms through our CSR programmes .
  • Strategizing and using new age technologies to ensure continuity of ongoing community outreach programmes.
  • Building community’s resilience by creating hope through actions | Collaborating with local authorities and other benefactors to ensure those in need receive the assistance they need
  • Using our business expertise to realign manufacturing and supply chains to address lack of availability of critical care and medical equipment, etc..

Collaborating with Customers

  • Collaborating with customers to ensure we can still deliver progress during these trying times by facilitating connections that matter.
  • Multi later cooperation
  • Empathise with company, recognise their difficult decisions and how can UNGCNI support?
  • Plan for the long term – Sustainable
  • Have companies to focus on climate


Facilitating a more inclusive and connected nation by leveraging networks that can allow corporates to truly make a difference during these times Utilizing virtual and digital to their fullest potential to drive environmental and social challenges agendas as well as ensure essential information reaches those it is intended for Collaborating and collective action for better and wider outreach