Powered by the unified vision
of a more sustainable world

SustainEverse is a global sustainability networking
platform, launched jointly by Global Compact
Network India (GCNI) the Indian Local Network of the
United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), New York, and
SocioLadder Foundation. At the bedrock of this partnership
 is the shared vision to drive inclusivity in society and
hardwire sustainability into all the key facets of global

A Complete Ecosystem for the Sustainability Sector

At the core of the SustainEverse platform is inclusion. The mission is to get more like-minded people together, working with an unwavering focus towards a social order where equality is of paramount importance. SustainEverse believes that it is only through connections and collaborations that we can build the new world we envision. In this vital mission, every stakeholder is important. Corporates, Foundations, Not-for-Profits, Consulting Agencies, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students and just about anyone and everyone in the sustainability space will benefit from being a part of the SustainEverse ecosystem.

Networking that Works

SustainEverse presents to its registered stakeholders an unmatched opportunity to connect with each other and provides a pool of rich resources - from Corporate CSRs, Corporate Foundations, Grassroot level NGOs to Implementation Partners and Schools & Universities. The canvas also extends to Consulting Agencies and sustainability sector Professionals.

Our guiding principles are the 17 UN SDGs

SustainEverse provides the critical platform for all the sustainability
sector stakeholders to showcase their inspiring work towards
achieving the 2030 vision for SDGs. SustainEverse is a Unified
Platform with only one Mission - to empower the global coalition of
Sustainability participants to deliver actionable, verifiable and
measurable momentum to achieve the UN's Sustainable
Development Goals by 2030.

Unlock Powerful Features and Benefits

The platform offers a completely customized experience for different
user categories. The experience is intuitive and intelligently adapts to
every user type. Irrespective of who you are, being a part of
SustainEverse offers you a suite of comprehensive and robust
benefits. These would include: